About Groupworks West

Groupworks West was founded in 2000 by Christopher Mulligan LCSW to improve the quality of life of those challenged by autism spectrum disorder (ASD)—parents, children, teens and young adults. GroupWorks West offers short-term, empirically validated treatment methods, that decrease the core deficits of ASD.

Speficially, GroupWorks West utilizes scientifically-verified, cognitive-behavioral intervention methods that create lasting and meaningful change in a time-limited manner.

Groupworks West offers the following services for children,teens, and adults diagnosed with ASD:

1) social skills groups

2) employment traning groups for teens and young adults

3) sexuality education and dating skills groups for teens and young adults.

4) Individual and family therapy.

5) parent traing and consultation

Christopher Mulligan is a Westside Regional Center vendor

Since its inception, Groupworks West has broadened its scope to include the treatment of:

1) Internet and video game addiction


3) Obsessive-Complusive Disorder

4) Depression and anxiety disorders

5) Bipolar Disorder

6) Oppositional-defiant and aggressive behavior