We thought we had lost our son to video gaming!

Our developed a true addiction to video gaming. The older he got the more obsessed with gaming he became. At a certain point he didn’t care about anything else — not school, friends, family. If not for the help of Chris Mulligan, I really think he would have had to go to residential treatment. He taught us about the way addiction to video gaming works and then gave us a clear and effective set of techniques to bring our son back from living in a fantasy world. We are so appreciative that Chris was available and knew what to do!

The groups provide stability and coherence in what is often a chaotic, overwhelming and quickly changing world.

I have worked at GroupWorks West as an assistant therapist and camp counselor since 2004. Over the course of these five years I have been able to experience first-hand the benefits of a relationship-oriented clinical approach. Not only have I been nurtured and given the skills and confidence to grow as a therapist, but I also have watched the kids gain skills and confidence as social beings. It is a pleasure to see children mature and learn how to self-regulate, manage their emotions, experiment and try new things, and take in others’ perspectives. But it is perhaps a deeper joy to witness the social life that GroupWorks fosters–the support and encouragement the children show each other, the pleasure they take in each others’ company, and the long-term close friendships that develop beyond regular group meetings. GroupWorks provides the scaffolding for building relationships, and then kids can use these tools to enrich their own personal lives. GroupWorks feels like an extended family. Chris and the other therapists get to know each child and family personally, and everyone is welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged despite whatever strengths and challenges they bring to the table. I think the groups provide stability and coherence in what is often a chaotic, overwhelming, and quickly-changing world. It’s a place where through it all kids can come to enjoy being themselves and being with others.

His strategies for managing my child’s anger and regression were life-savers.

I call Chris my Parenting Coach because more than instructing me in the RDI approach, he was supportive through a very difficult legal battle which had negative affects on my son and created a lot of stress for me. His understanding of cognitive development, his responsiveness to where I was emotionally and how much work I could handle, along with his strategies for managing my child’s anger and regression were life-savers. Additionally, I have always felt that he respects me as a parent and he has never suggested any approach that doesn’t square with my parental instincts. It is a great relief to have a trusted person who can give me solid answers when I go to him with important questions about managing my son’s development. As my “coach,” Chis works with me and doesn’t set himself up as the expert on my life and my child.

Our son will try full inclusion in math and English this year…we don’t think this would have been possible without Groupworks West.

Our son, Alex Swan, began attending social skills classes at Groupworks West in 2004. Alex is now 14 and attends a Saturday teen group class. Over the years, Alex has enjoyed making friends in his group classes, and we have seen huge improvement in his social interactions. In 2005, Alex began Relationship Development Intervention (“RDI”) with Christopher Mulligan, a then-new treatment for autism that seeks to improve meaningful communication and other skills through parent-oriented training. Alex enjoyed and excelled in this program, and we saw significant improvements in communication, emotional reaction, happiness and self-confidence. Alex is now in 8th grade at Paul Revere Middle School and will try full inclusion in math and English this year. We don’t think this would be possible without our years of work at Groupworks West and we highly recommend its programs and staff.

Chris is, quite simply, the best in his field.

Chris was responsible for literally saving both my children AND me when we were desperately in need. My family was falling apart and as a single mom I had nowhere to turn. Both of my kids needed special care and Chris provided me with the resources to find proper doctors, school placement counselors and, in the case of one child, a special needs boarding school. All along his work with me alone has been invaluable. I highly recommend Chris Mulligan to any family faced with the challenges of a special needs child. He is, quite simply, the best in his field.

Chris Mulligan is on the highest level of any provider.

For over a decade, my son received a variety of services from a range of interventionists in Los Angeles. Chris Mulligan is on the highest level of any provider. Chris is an expert about the Autism Spectrum disorder, yet sees each client as an individual, not a diagnosis. He’s up to date on all behavioral methods, well versed in medical aspects of the condition, and informed by a breadth and depth of experience. Chris is acutely insightful and refreshingly direct. He works collaboratively with parents and children to hone in on issues at hand and devise solutions. Chris stimulates and challenges his clients, while providing a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment. I not only appreciate Chris’s services, but am abidingly grateful to him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

With Chris, things actually get better.

When your life seems to be coming down around your head, Chris Mulligan offers sound, practical rules for restoring order. He is an attentive listener and a positive, active agent for change. He teaches you the language of necessity–what must happen for things to improve. He works on the disruptive child and on the family environment so beneficial changes are supported in daily life. With Chris, things actually get better. There is a science to what he does, but there is also great art because he has a feeling for kids in trouble and for families with a blasted sense of hope. You could say he is a lifesaver, but really, he is a family saver.