Internet and Video Game Addiction

GroupWorks West, based in Los Angeles, works with families across the United States to promote an accurate understanding of internet, video game, and online pornography addiction. GroupWorks West focuses on treating co-occuring psychiatric conditions and designs comprehensive intervention plans that result in freedom from technology addiction. Our objective is the creation of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for children, teens, and young adults.

Christopher Mulligan is an expert in the use of cognitive-behavioral (Cog-B) therapy.  Cog-B therapy has been empirically verified as the most effective strategy for decreasing symptoms related to addiction — including internet and video game addiction.

Christopher began using Cog-B techniques in 1996 when he recognized traditional “talking” forms of therapy consistently failed to resolve developmental and psychiatric problems in his clients. Rather than talk about one’s feelings as a way of creating change, Cog-B therapy examines maladaptive patterns in the way people think and behave.

People (including children and teens) with internet and video game addiction have predictable distortions in the way they think about their relationship to technology.  By identifying these distortions, Christopher helps clients change the way they think, which in turn changes the way they behave, which in turn changes the quality of their lives.

Christopher has treated dozens of children and teens with severe internet and video game addiction –and has consistently decreased symptoms by 90%.