In-Home Behavior Intervention

If you are a family raising a child or teen with serious behavior problems, your best course of action is in-home intervention. The staff at Groupworks West is available to come to your home for parent training and the implementation of a behavior modification program.

Groupworks West utilizes a proven curriculum that rapidly decreases power struggles, improves compliance and adaptive behavior, improves communication, develops family cohesion, and strengthens the overall quality of the parent-child relationship.

In-home intervention addresses the following:

  1. Understanding behavior/compliance problems from a psychological and neurological perspective
  2. Developing effective communication
  3. Developing shared family rules
  4. Understanding principles of behavior change
  5. Implementing a behvaior management program
  6. Developing conflict resolution skills
  7. Developing self-control techniques
  8. Managing tantrums/anger episodes
  9. Using the parent-child relationship to develop self esteem & interpersonal skills