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02 Dec

The Toxic Connection: Autism and Technology

The Toxic Relationship: Technology and Autism Parent Education Seminar Christopher Mulligan LCSW The Relationship Between Technology and Autism It is widely held computer ...
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10 Nov

The Loss of Self-Reflection in a Networked Life

CYBER ADDICTION RECOVERY CENTER CHRISTOPHER MULLIGAN LCSW The Loss of Self-Reflection in a Networked Life I can vividly recall lying in my bed at night, during middle ...
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23 Oct

Parenting the ADHD child or teen

GUIDING PRINCIPLES. (1) BE PROACTIVE: Parents tend to react to the negative behavioral incidents of their ADHD children in an impulsive or ad hoc manner. The key to success ...
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11 Sep

Inpatient program for internet addiction opens

As growing numbers of us check our email compulsively, play computer games obsessively and have more friends on Facebook than in real life, the first hospital-based Internet addiction ...
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09 Sep

ASD Employment Coaching

Employment Internship Program  Overview: The GroupWorks West Job Preparedness and Internship Program is designed to assist teens and young adults with high functioning ...
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08 Aug

Half a million Japanese students suffer from internet addiction

posted on AUGUST 7, 2013 by FAITH AQUINO in NATIONAL with NO COMMENTS It is not unknown that today’s technology is easily accessible. It is also not surprising ...
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27 Jul

Treatment for Teen Cybersex Addiction

Solutions to Teen Cybersex Addiction   The combination of a teen’s emerging curiosity about sex, their increasing sex drive, together with the accessibility and aggressive ...
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16 Jul


FACTS ABOUT CYBER BULLYING FROM THE PEW INTERNET AND AMERICAN LIFE PROJECT This report draws on two main research project methodologies – a telephone survey of teens ...
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04 Jul

Growing Up Unplugged

Reflections on growing up connected to nature During the late 1960s and early 1970s I had the great fortune of growing up in the Santa Monica Mountains that surround ...
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15 Dec

Film Making Group

GROUPWORKS WEST FILM MAKING GROUP   Using Film Making to Unlock Creativity, Imagination, Improvisation, Collaboration, Empathy, and Self-Awareness in Children and Teens ...
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