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04 Dec

Summary of Group Services

GROUPWORKS WEST 11140 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 310-287-1649 AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER GROUP PROGRAMS   Social Skills Groups for children, teens, and young ...
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30 Nov

Teen Video Game Addiction Workbook

Teen Video Game Addiction Manual Ready To Go! I completed a “Teen Video Game Addiction Workbook” — I am waiting for a paperback product I created using ...
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19 Nov

Employment Training Program

This program is designed to provide parents of autistic spectrum teens and young adults (hereafter ASD) with the cognitive, emotional, and social competencies needed ...
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10 Jun

How to Regulate Access to Technology for the ASD Teen

The “Time Machine” Approach. As I have described in previous blogs, I view computer and video gaming to be a toxic form of stimulation for children and teens with ...
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10 Jun

Why Technology is Toxic for the ASD Brain

Why Technology is Toxic for the ASD Brain If we consider the relationship between technology and the autistic mind, we can see how the attention that is consumed through ...
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06 May

Your Cyber Addicted Child’s Digital Diet

The following are tips developed by The Cyber Addition Recovery Center to help parents lessen their children’s overuse of technology. 1) Limit technology to one ...
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05 Apr

From technology addiction to the “idisorder”?

Face the Facts: We Are All Headed for an “iDisorder” Heading for an iDisorder! Published on March 28, 2012 by Larry Rosen, Ph.D. in Rewired: The Psychology ...
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17 Mar

Pornography addiction and autism?

A great description of internet porn addiction from the Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI). If you suspect you are a pornography addict, or if you are concerned that someone ...
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15 Mar

Cyber-Bullying and School Based Bullying

Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Psychological Distress: A Regional Census of High School Students Shari Kessel Schneider, MSPH, Lydia O’Donnell, EdD, Ann ...
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18 Jan

Undoing early intervention?

My name is Christopher Mulligan LCSW. I facilitate socialization groups in Los Angeles for teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum. Over the past 16 years I have ...
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